Winter distributions

Victoria from Soci Noi village, Falesti district is half blind and needs eye surgery. She says that she can’t afford going to the hospital so she survives any way she can, with the small pension she receives. We entered her tiny home and it seemed like it was colder inside than outside. She would use damp corn husks to light the fire and would wear all her clothes layered due to the cold. She also has high blood pressure.
When she saw us she was very happy, we also came with three volunteers from a church in Boston. Her face lit up and she thanked us for the radio where she could listen to the LSM radio programs. The package with food items was also appreciated, she said it will last her a long time.

Tatiana is a mother of 5 from Soci Noi. Together with volunteers from Boston, LSM staff visited her. She lives in a tiny home that belongs to her husband’s aunt. Her husband spends most of his time in Transnistria taking care of his mother. She asked us to pray for peace in the family and for her husband to return and make his family a priority. Her neighbors and the mayor said she is a kind, responsible woman who takes care of her children and is a faithful listener of LSM radio. We brought them clothing from a church in Portland who shipped a container of clothing and shoes, food items, and Face of a Child gifts for the children. It was a special day for them. Alina, the oldest daughter and her mother were very happy to receive new dresses, since it has been a while from the last time they wore something new. Alina said she will wear it to school. Thank you to everyone who makes LSM’s humanitarian ministry possible.