Summer Drought to Impact Winter

Summer is slowly coming to a close. The weather is becoming cooler and we turn our thoughts to Autumn and hopefully a plentiful harvest.. In the Republic of Moldova, the high summer temperatures and no rainfall left the country in drought, devastating crops. Farmers have no alternative but to slaughter their livestock as there is no feed nor grass to feed them. This in turn will affect the amount of food available for the upcoming winter months. As in past years when droughts have impacted the country of Moldova, the numbers of request for aid have increased drastically as families, seniors, school and orphanage directors are left to face the harsh winter with little food and few resources for heating. The price for bread has already has spiked from 1.5 lei (Moldovan currencty) to 5 lei. Electricity and gas have already increased 30% as well and a cold winter is predicted. The instability in Ukraine is a constant threat as it can spill over into Moldova. Corruption in banking at the highest levels have a negative impact on the country as a whole and especially on those most dependent on assistance from the government. Today when we see thousands of refugees leaving war zones, others suffering from natural weather incidents or from lack of food and water resources, we thank God for giving us yet another day to have a roof over our heads, a meal on our table, and freedom to live without fear of persecution. But as you give thanks for the opportunities you have, please remember the small country of Moldova and the children and people we have been serving for 26 years.IMG_3048adjrez