Mother’s Day Project

20170207_160800The Mother’s Day Project is distributed year-round to children in the only Oncology Hospital in Chisinau for Children.  Each year in May, LSM prepares special bags for these children with much needed items and LSM staff distributes them to patients coming into the hospital throughout the year.  You may read more about this project in our older posts and if you would like to get involved this year by donating to the project, please do so by May.
Yesterday afternoon we had another visit to Children’s Oncology Hospital taking another 23 Mother’s Day Project bags to the children who were recently admitted.
We continuously update our list of patients that are currently in the hospital. The main doctor overseeing the unit, keeps us informed about the condition of the children whom we have come to know by name.
Once a new patient is admitted we become aware. Today and just as any other day, when we arrive the children, their parents and medical staff always greet us with love and joy.
Even though they seem to have a rough day today as we were told they had many new admissions and scheduled procedures, they continued to welcome us with lots of care, passion and open arms accompanying us through all the new patient rooms.
In addition to the Mother’s Day gift bag already distributed, we also provide fresh fruit and healthy snacks to the children. (tangerines, bananas, pretzels, and crackers). The mothers of these children always thank us with encouraging words “Again Little Samaritan Mission came and a made a difference by bringing joy and goodies”.
While visiting the children, who underwent repeated rounds of chemotherapy treatment, we were grateful to see that they still used all the towels and blankets that we supplied them as part of the Mother’s Day gift bags on our last visit.
When we spoke to the nurse manager of the oncology department she told us the children love those blankets because they are so warm, soft, easy to carry and very comforting.
The children wrapped themselves in these blankets while playing in the play room, which kept them warm and cozy.
The children really seemed to enjoy the goodie bags with fruit, as observed they asked their mom to open the bags, peel the fruit and ate the fruit with such an appetite. Most of all, as children they loved the soft stuffed animals and they carried them everywhere they went including to procedures and held them close especially in moments when their treatment was exceptionally difficult or painful.
When we entered the intensive care unit we noticed there where two mothers with their little kids that were from Transnistria Moldova. The mothers questioned us who we are and how much do the goody bags cost. I said “we don’t sell those goody bags, we give them to you as gifts in the name of Jesus Christ.” The mothers stared and remained silent for a moment then asked, “How”?
They questioned us how can you give these for free? We were in another hospital before and never saw anyone give out anything for free.
Every time you look in the eyes of the suffering sick kids and see their worried mothers it humbles us yet again and we feel an incredible honor that God has given us the privilege to serve them especially in such difficult circumstances. Last time we saw a mother of a 3 month old baby, once again she brought him back for another round of chemo therapy. There was also a teenager boy, his name is Andrey he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.
The general manager of the unit informed us of a disabled mother which had a chronic disability to walk just like her husband. We specifically prepared an envelope for this family for tomorrows visit to help them out financially. We are so glad and fulfilled that God had blessed each child through The Little Samaritan Mission.
Prior to leaving the hospital each staff member came up to us thanking us for providing the much needed Mother’s Day Gifts and bags of fresh fruit and snacks for the children.
“You are truly an encouragement. Your support makes a huge difference for the kids as well as for their mothers. We are very appreciative and grateful for everything you do and have done for each one of them. Your kindness and generosity have such an impact on us all.”
Thank you to each of you who donated to this special Mother’s Day Project for children fighting cancer and continue to bless these children who need it most.