Medical Equipment to La Ceiba, Honduras

Medical Equipment for Atlantida Hospital
La Ceiba, Honduras

Since 2008, the Little Samaritan Mission has expanded its humanitarian activity to Central America, more specifically, the country of Honduras. We have already worked in several schools and one hospital providing much needed humanitarian aid. The founder and president of LSM together with staff traveled to Honduras to assess the possibility of new projects and to deliver medical equipment to the Atlantida Hospital in the city of La Ceiba. In addition to the delivery of the endoscopes and laparascopes for adults and children, LSM also purchased and shipped an ambulance to the hospital. This hospital is mainly for impoverished and poverty-stricken individuals who are unable to afford more costly medical care in private clinics or hospitals. The hospital has many needs from additional equipment and supplies to additional space and repairs. Since many of the patients admitted to the hospital have certain dietary restrictions during treatment, and some of the kitchen equipment was outdated and old, LSM purchased two ranges and a freezer in order for the food preparation and storage to be as sanitary and efficient as possible.