Special projects

Every winter, the Little Samaritan Mission provides coal, wood, and fuel for heating for some state orphanages in the Republic of Moldova as well as impoverished families and elderly. Since 1997, LSM has purchased coal from Moldova and/or Ukraine and distributed it according to the greatest needs in the state orphanages. This is an extremely important project because if the children are kept warm during the harsh winter months, their quality of life is improved and they are healthier. Temperatures in Moldova can get as low as -25 degrees Celsius (-13 degrees Fahrenheit). The coal project is a seasonal project spanning from October-April since the winters in Moldova are long and the cold temperatures last sometimes even into early spring. Based on needs, this project is sometimes coupled with food items such as the Potatoes Project where in addition to the coal deliveries to state orphanages and impoverished families and individuals, LSM also provided bags of potatoes and other food items.

One of the most acute needs in orphanages is mattress replacement.  For many years, LSM has done this project all over Moldova.  Mattresses are used nightly and due to the poor sanitary conditions in many of the orphanages/boarding schools they become unusable.  Since there have been few if any funds allocated by the government for replacement of mattresses in orphanages, children have no choice but to sleep on torn, damp, and moldy mattresses.  This is a special project which is of immense benefit to the children giving them a better night’s sleep and more sanitary living conditions. Furthermore, by manufacturing the mattresses in Moldova, it is supportive of the local economy.




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