humanitarianSince 1989, the Little Samaritan Mission has unfolded its humanitarian activity in the Republic of Moldova providing for the physical needs of orphan children in over 40 government orphanages/schools, the elderly dependent on LSM for food, clothing, and medicine, as well as impoverished families in dire need of basic necessities.  In the early years of activity, LSM initiated projects such as providing mattresses for children in orphanages, purchasing thousands of pounds of coal and wood for heating during the winter, owned and operated a children’s home and opened the first soup kitchen in the Republic of Moldova.  With a proven history of responding to the most dire needs of children, families, and the elderly and working with governmental agencies to address the humanitarian needs in Moldova’s rural and urban areas, LSM has become a well-respected NGO and its humanitarian work is much appreciated by government officials, directors of institutions, and those who benefit directly from the humanitarian projects and programs.  Today, LSM unfolds its work in Moldova in Education, Soup Kitchen and Food Projects, Medical, and Special Projects customized to address specific problems, emergencies, or needs.  In 2008, LSM expanded some of its medical activity in Central America, in Honduras, and in 2009 it initiated several sustainable development projects in India.


November 12, 2017

Humanitarian Aid for Zuza-Palamarciuc family

The Zuza-Palamarciuc family. Two parents with 5 children, living in the village do not have […]
August 20, 2017

After school program

Children are a precious gift. They are the hope for the future, the ones who […]
February 13, 2017

Help for a 80 years old woman

Eudochia from Miciurin village is 80 years old and lives with her 37 year old […]