Help for a 80 years old woman

Eudochia (4)

Eudochia from Miciurin village is 80 years old and lives with her 37 year old grandson. He is physically disabled- cannot movie his arms and has speech issues. The man’s mother passed away 15 years ago and Eudochia was left to care for him.
Her situation is difficult because she is old and her pension is hardly enough to get the medicine she needs. She worries about her grandson, because when she dies, there is no one left to care for him. When she saw us she got very excited. We came to see her before, so she said she recognizes us. She showed us a few bundles of twigs in a corner and that was all she had prepared for winter. A neighbor who used to give her some left over husks from feeding his cow has passed away and she has nothing left now.
She was worried that winter will come and they will freeze in the house. She thanked us, teary eyed, for everything; she would stay next to the coal and would not stop admiring it. Thank you to all those who helped this family. Eudochia and her grandson, Vaniusha will stay warm this winter and will thank God for Little Samaritan Mission and the wood and coal project. They showed us the bag with the LSM logo printed on it that they kept from last year’s distribution of food to remember us by. Vaniusha goes to the church that is on their street every Sunday even if he is a wheelchair.


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