Happy new year

As we celebrate the beginning of a new year, we would like to thank each one of our friends and supporters for their faithful support of this ministry throughout 2014. Your generosity has enabled us to continue serving those in the greatest need through projects such as the Coal and Wood, Face of a Child Project, After-School Program, Food projects, other humanitarian special projects, and Christian radio. Although we receive feedback from many of the beneficiaries of LSM’s impact in Moldova, we cannot recount all whose lives have changed for the better and who have received hope in their despair. Whether you have been a long-time support of LSM throughout our 25 years of ministry or you are just a first time donor or participant in the Face of a Child Project, we thank you on behalf of all the children, families, and seniors whose lives have been touched by the work of LSM. Together we have shared God’s love with those less fortunate.
From the LSM staff and all who have benefited from your generosity, we wish you and your friends and family a blessed New Year! May God bless you!