FOACP Volunteer Journal-Mircesti

Volunteer Journal…TAMMY, NC FOACP Distribution Team

First Day Distribution at village of Mircesti

“Day two came early and we headed out today for the village of Mircesti. This was a new experience for many on our team who had never been to Moldova or on a mission trip.  We learned quickly that no two places are the same.  The village was tucked away and as we rounded the corner to the school we were greeted with kids running to make sure they got to the school and didn’t miss the festivities.  Once inside the school we were greeted by around 80 children, eyes shining, eager to see what goodies were hiding in the bags that were piled high in the middle of the floor waiting for distribution.  Since this was only the second year of the Face of a Child Project in the village of Mircesti many of these little ones had no idea what was really in store for them or the huge impact the generosity of their sponsors will have on the lives of their families.  As the children came forward to receive their bags and bags of sweet morsels their contagious smiles lit up the sparse interior of their village school.  We received so many  “multumesc” thank yous, hand shakes, hugs, and kisses from the children as they came down the distribution line.  We were even surprised by a few students who were able to thank us in English.

Today was also Moldova’s National Teacher Day!  We were also able to bless each of these special teachers with a  treat as well.  A special 92 year old from Hickory, NC, hand knitted hats and scarves that were shared with the teachers for their continued dedication and love of the children.

As we finished up our trip we were invited to peek into a few of the classrooms to see their facilities and interact more with some of the children.  When we entered, all of them were digging through their bags holding up each item for inspection and delight.  Some were even learning the act of giving and trying to give gifts of their own to their much loved and respected teachers.  The teachers were having a hard time convincing the students that these gifts were for them to keep and use at home.  It was wonderful to see that the act of giving can be learned and taught so quickly and that these little seven year old children were already catching on the the joy of giving to others.

Although the children received these bags that were supplied and filled with love from those who participated in the Face of a Child Project in 2010, God filled our hearts to bursting at being able to be a part of this ministry. Peace to all and God Bless!”  Tammy

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