First FOACP Distribution of 2015

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On September 28th, the first Face of a Child Project distribution of 2015 began in the village of Condrita. Together with volunteers Roger and Mike from Georgia, LSM staff began the distribution of the much-awaited FOACP packages.
It was very cold in the morning, the sky was cloudy, but by the time we loaded the packages and got to Condrita, the sun came out. Actually, this happens quite often: parents from various villages would tell us they noticed this across the years. Usually in the Fall the weather is rainy, overcast, and cold, but as soon as LSM arrives, the day warms up and the sun comes out.
We were welcomed by happy children excitedly yelling: “Little Samaritan Mission has arrived!”
All children, parents and school administration gathered quickly around the minivan and gave us a warm welcome. There was so much joy on everyone’s face.
We unloaded the packages, the children were all aligned and distribution started. Everyone received their gifts, admiring what they were seeing inside. There was only one package left and it belonged to a little girl, the school director told us she passed away. Her mother asked us to leave the package at the school and she would pick it up, save the little photo of her little girl, and donate the clothes and school supplies to another poor girl.
Once we gave out all the presents, some of the children who finished classes went home, but the rest returned to class and we took more pictures. They would unpack their presents while saying: “thank you”!!! Putting their coats on, they would excitedly run up to Roger and Mike and LSM staff and say THANK YOU over and over.
Mrs. Rodica, the director of the school thanked Little Samaritan Mission and the volunteers for these long awaited packages: Some of the children were not prepared at all for the school year she said. “Because of the drought, many families did not have any crops to harvest this year, so they have no food supplies for the winter, not to mention clothing, shoes, school supplies; this package represented true salvation for the kids and their parents. We hope and pray that you include us in this project next year as well. Thank you and may you have all the best in life!”
Below is feedback from some of the children:
“I am in 5th grade and my name is Ana. I would like to thank you for the wonderful presents that are of great help. Me and my sister live with my dad, our mom left us. We’re not doing well, but we are happy that our dad takes care of us. We live in a small house, with no electricity because dad can’t afford it. Nevertheless, we always have bread on our table. Now that the cold weather is upon us and we have no warm clothes, school supplies or hygiene items, we are very happy to receive all of these items from you. Our father could have not provided us with these items. Thank you also for your prayers, we promise to pray for you also.”
Andrei, 4th grade. “Dear Little Samaritan, I love the FOACP gift you brought me, it will be of great use for me. I really need some clothing so I am happy now that I received it from you. I will never forget you because you have become my friends, who take care of me. My mother doesn’t have the money to get me the basic stuff and I understand that- she has no stable work place and it is even harder this year because of the drought. We are very glad that Little Samaritans has such a great heart and cares about those in need. Once again, I would like to thank you for the clothes you sent and especially for the jacket and the school supplies.”

“Hello, dear Little Samaritan Mission! We are a group of 6th graders at Condrita School Since you came into our lives, you became our most devoted friends. We are very thrilled by the FOACP gifts you bring us every year. No one else has ever given us such help. This represents a great help for our parents as well. We can be prepared for school and we can learn since we have school supplies. We are very thankful for everything! We love you and we look forward to having you visit us again soon!”

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