Face of a Child Project COSTESTI

Thank you letter

“Dear Little Samaritan!

This message of thanks is from the Costesti boarding school and orphanage administration. It is meant to express our profound respect and gratitude for the Face of a Child gifts that the children received as part of the “Face of a Child” Project.
The children in our school were thrilled to see the special items packed especially for them in their backpacks: sneakers, hats, scarves, socks, underwear, and school supplies. These items, make our lives easier and more hopeful. They also represent a relief for us, the school administration, since they cover a lots of needs. Thank you for not forgetting about us and for sharing with us those 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, which is your logo, for so many years. This year we had the honor of having Mr. Florin PindicBlaj, the president of LSM handing out the FOACP gifts. It was a celebration for our school to have you as guests, and as a matter of fact- Little Samaritan, you are not only our guests, you are our family! We have asked for your help for so many times and you have always been receptive and helpful. We have so many needs and worries, and we don’t know what we would have done without you. The Face of a Child packages are anxiously awaited all year long! When the children receive the FOACP gifts, they cherish the picture that is attached and use every single item with great care. We, as an administration, would have never been able to provide these much-needed items for the children in our orphanage/boarding school, not to mention children from impoverished families or living only with grandparents as their parents are unable to care for them or ill, etc. We try to give them love and care here, but without you, we simply could not do it and be successful in our efforts.
On behalf of the school administration and the children- we are very grateful and we thank you times a thousand! times May the Lord keep you in good health and may He bless you for everything that you do for these children. It is because of the Face of a Child Project that these children smile and feel so loved. With great respect, Costesti boarding school administration.”
Thank you letter
Dear friend!
Thanks to the “Face of a Child” of the “Little Samaritan. ” Children from impoverished and difficult family environments come to the Costesti orphanage and are included in the Face of a Child Project.

Gheorge, Maria, and Irina were abandoned by their mother when they were little. They stay with their father who actually takes them home during school vacations only. He could never afford buying them sneakers, hats, socks, school supplies because he does not have a stable job in the village, but tries as best as he can to make an income with a few day jobs. When the children received their FOACP packages their faces lit up with joy, gratitude, and peace. They said that they will go home with lots of new clothes, many useful items, and their dad will rejoice with them. A father who is ill and with no stable job can only dream of offering such items to his children. Yet because of the Face of a Child Project, this dream is a reality.
The same is true for sisters, Catalina and Mariana. They were so happy when they received their Face of a Child gifts. In their backpacks they found everything a student needs for school and for everyday life. The soft shoes will keep their feet warm in the winter. They were glad that now they have their own towel and no longer have to share one towel in the family which is often too damp to use by the time they need it.
Ion and Ecaterina, try to do what they can on their own. Their parents are absent form their lives. In the last 4 years, they have never visited the children even once. the Face of a Child Project gifts make them feel loved and that someone cares for them and sends them exactly what they need for school and basic necessities for daily life.
The Little Samaritan Mission has been unfolding its humanitarian activity in the orphanages/boarding school of Costesti in Northern Moldova for the last 20 years and for the last 14 years through the Face of a Child Project. Thank you for making this project possible.

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