Coal for a family of 7

Vera and Aurel have five children, the eldest one is 13 years old and the youngest is two. They live in a village in the northern part of Moldova and it is difficult for them to get by as there are no jobs in the village. Vera grew up in the Vascauti orphanage since both of her parents were deceased. Fourteen years after she graduated she still recognized us and was happy to see us again. We were even happier, having found out that they are members of the local church. Vera recalled our visits, and the assistance she received along the years at the orphanage from the Little Samaritan Mission as well as the Bible lessons which led her to become a Christian and to join the church.
They told us that last year they took a loan from the bank and bought cattle, hoping that this will help them get by. Vera and her husband work, but they have not been able to make ends meet. It was cold in their home, and on the bed their sick 2 year old was sleeping covered with two old blankets. Once we opened the bags with coal, Aurel, who is 11, immediately took some and added the coal to the fire. They were so happy! Now when they return from work, it will be home in their home. Thank you.IMG_3433