After School Project Summary

The LSM After-School Program is one of the most important projects we have ever had in our over two decades of ministry. Why is this program important? It offers underprivileged and at-risk children from rural villages the chance to learn in a positive environment with the help of a teacher after school. Furthermore, it provides a warm meal for each child (for many of these children this is the ONLY meal they eat in an entire day).  This is crucial to their development because most of these children come from backgrounds where parents abuse alcohol, are absent from their lives, or are invalids and are unable to care for their children nor to provide them with sufficient nourishment or basic school supplies. We have already seen the tremendous impact in their lives after just one semester of being part of this program. Attendance and grades have increased drastically and behavior has improved significantly. These children are now thrilled to be learning and to be in school. There is hope that they will stay in school and grow up to be good upstanding people in their villages. These children now dream of what they want to become when they grow up because they can keep up with their peers despite the difficult backgrounds and impoverished home environments. One of the greatest supporters of this program who sponsored it from its very beginning 8 years ago from Fortuna, CA, recently passed away. He was a faithful Christian with a tremendous heart to improve the lives of the children and people of Moldova and to share with them God’s love. He was so passionate about the After-School Program and only with his support were we able to not only continue the program since 2008 but to also to add new locations. He truly believed the truth of the motto of LSM which is: “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6. Due to his generosity and love for these children, the lives of many boys and girls has been improved promising a brighter future not only for each one of them, but for their village as well. This is a unique and special program and its success demonstrates just how valuable it is in these rural villages where there is no other option for these children. The cost to run the program is between $500-$600 per month for 25-30 children and it runs from September-December for the Fall semester and from January-May for the Spring semester. If you would like to help continue this valuable program to continue building on the foundation our wonderful supporter together with the support of others who contributed to this program already did all these years, please consider the After-School Program. Only with your support can we continue the program in the Fall of 2015 and Spring of 2016 in these 3 locations and possibly expand into more villages, molding and changing children’s lives.