After-School Program

Letter from the director Ms. Ana M.  of the Bolohani School, Moldova

Another school year full of beautiful expectations and great success is over. This is especially true for the children who are part of the LSM After-School Program, since they all come from impoverished backgrounds and/or broken families. Due to this program, they have received help with their homework, participated in extracurricular activities, and enjoyed a hot meal each day. They also have the wonderful privilege of celebrating their birthday, more most, this is the first time their birthday was celebrated. As director of the school, and together with the teachers, we have noticed considerable growth in these children’s psychological and emotional development. Some have excelled in all their classes while others showed considerable improvement and excelled in their favorite subject. Overall, the result of the LSM After-School Program is that they perform better in school, they are more kind and open to helping those in need, and they have a positive and optimistic outlook for their future. As director of this school and on behalf of all my colleagues I can tell you that this program is an exceptional success in 3 ways: The students are well fed, they do their homework, and they are engaged in various extracurricular activities, thus the support and continuity of this program is of utmost importance to us.
Without you, the kind people from Little Samaritan Mission, we would not have been able to help these families by supporting their children and offering them the a positive and nurturing environment to do their homework. The After-School Program is more than a program to us, it is a family with a good core, created by you, a family that receives all the children who need support.
This is why I insist on saying, from my heart that the support for this program means the world to us and to these children. They can hardly wait for the hot meal, to start on their homework, and to engage in crafts and other activities. I often stop by the classroom during the After-School Program hours to admire how they have changed and how their friendship among all 25 of them has developed. It seems as though they are brothers and sisters.
They are also an example for the rest of the students who come from stable families with better economic backgrounds. The After-School Program children come to school with their homework completed and excited to learn and they are more open and helpful, more responsible. Having your support, they also try to help other children and elderly who are in need in our village. It is a wonderful ministry. Please continue the After-School Program again this year. Without God’s helping hand, without LSM, we will not be able to have this program and to help these children, and to change their lives and their future for the better. On behalf of the children, their families, and teachers we thank you for this program and we wish you God’s blessings. For us, LSM brings light and hope for a better tomorrow.