After school program

20170403_134538Children are a precious gift. They are the hope for the future, the ones who will carry on the values and principles we have taught them. If they are shown kindness, generosity, love, and care, they will become kind, generous, loving, and caring adults in their homes and communities. This is was the focus of the After-School Project. In rural areas of Moldova where many children live in impoverished homes, with one or both parents unemployed or absent, and lacking even the most basic necessities such as adequate food, clothing, and school supplies, LSM’s After-School Program provides a positive nurturing environment to tutor and mentor these children and to provide them a warm nutritious meal. Already we have seen such extraordinary impact in their lives. Grades have improved as well as their behavior and interaction with peers and teachers, their outlook on life is more hopeful, they are happier, and more willing to learn and attend school and to succeed.