9th Year of FOACP at Drochia

Drochia orphanage/boarding school – about 190 km north off Chisinau.

It is one of the first orphanages where LSM began its activity and has been actively involved for nearly 20 years. There are 190 children at this orphanage/boarding school. The children are in school here and are also under medical supervision due to various medical conditions. During these 20 years, LSM has met many of the needs in this institution such as (coal for heating, remodeling and updating of bathroom facilities, clothing, shoes, personal hygiene items, school supplies, food, hot water heaters, and even medication.)

For the 9th year, the children from Drochia receive the Face of a Child Project gifts.  This project provides the children with much needed items such as shoes, sweat suit, personal hygiene items, and school supplies. Through this project children are encouraged to learn because they have the necessary school supplies, they are healthier due to the improved sanitary conditions as a result of the personal hygiene items they each receive, and they are more active dressed in a new sweat suit and new shoes.

Anastasia, 14 years old: There are five children in her family, their father abandoned them and they are brought up by their mother who is battleing cancer. This family is in a difficult situation. “All of us received FOACP gifts from LSM, but besides these LSM provided more for our family, food, detergent, additional clothing, and school supplies.  Thank you.”

Maricica , 12 years old: “For a long period of time I wanted to have a pair of white and pink sneakers. One night I even dreamed that I had them. Finally my dream has come true because I prayed for this. Thanks to those who have sent me exactly the white and pink sneakers I had wanted so much.”

Elena, 9 years old: “I was glad for everything I received in this gift, especially the school supplies. Thank you and may God protect you.”

Ion, 10 years old: “I am always cold, but now even if the winter comes and it gets much colder I am not afraid of it anymore. I will be warm in my soft and warm sweatsuit, and also in my socks of which I have plenty now. Thank you and God bless you.”

Maria 12 years old and Cristina 15 years old: “We have no parents. That’s why since we’ve been here at Drochia orphanage – LSM is our mother and father, they take care of us providing for our needs.  The Face of a Child Project gifts are a special comfort by means of which we feel the love and the atmosphere of a genuine Christmas. This year we were very pleased that Mr. Florin, the president of LSM, himself handed us these gifts. We wish that God would give all good health to continue this work and this project.”

Diana, 15 years old: “I am an orphan child. For many years I enjoyed the gifts received from LSM. For me this is the last year when I will receive a Face of a Child gift because next year when I turn 16 I will have to leave this school.  I will carefully keep all these items because they will remind me of all my school years that I spent together with LSM. I always pray for this beautiful work that brings so much joy into the hearts of children.”

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