The instability of Moldova’s economy and inflation in the price of goods and services, has caused severe hardship for low-income families and government institutions for children. Those suffering the most are the elderly, impoverished families, and children in orphanage-boarding schools. Crucial to their survival is regular medical attention and medication. LSM opened a medical clinic in Sofia, located in northern Moldova. Medicine is unaffordable for so many individuals and with their meager salaries and pensions they have little left to purchase basic food items, much less medicine. The clinic offers all services and medications free of charge. Patients are consulted, treated, and supplied with the necessary medication. Some patients have walked a total of 14 km just to be treated at LSM’s facility. The clinic also serves as a base for medical volunteers from the U.S. Groups of doctors, dentists and nurses have volunteered 1-3 weeks at the LSM clinic to provide diagnosis and treatment to adults and children. The volunteering experience has not only been a benefit to those receiving medical care, but it has also been an enriching experience for those who have volunteered.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

Since 1992, LSM has collected medical equipment and shipped it to the Minister of Health Municipal Hospital Constructorul and other medical centers in Moldova.  As with many former republics of the Soviet Union, medical upgrades in equipment are lacking. LSM has provided: ultrasound machines, surgical equipment and surgery room tables, x-ray equipment, cardiac monitors, endoscopes, as well as replacement parts so the equipment can continue to function serving the medical needs of patients in the Republic of Moldova.



January 21, 2019
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June 18, 2009

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