Food projects

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LSM opened the first Soup Kitchen in the country of Moldova and its impact in the lives of those who were on LSM’s meal plan cannot be measured in a few words, however lives were changed, hope was restored, and from 1999-2008 the Soup Kitchen in Chisinau operated 9 months a year, 5 days a week nourishing the bodies and the souls of those attending.

In 2008 LSM opened Soup Kitchens in 3 locations in Moldova working in partnerships with the local city offices.  The LSM Soup Kitchens in Moldova begin their season of operation in September and continue to operate until May. Due to the inflated costs of living in Moldova (especially for food and medication) it is literally impossible for elderly individuals to have enough financial resources to pay for utilities, medicine, and food.  In addition to their pension, which is small in comparison to the cost of living, there are few if any social programs to assist with medical, living, winter heating, or food costs.  The beneficiaries of the LSM Soup Kitchen meal plan are from all walks of life: former school teachers, veterans, laborers, and farmers.   Also, based on specific needs at each individual Soup Kitchen, LSM helps with projects such as medical care and humanitarian relief projects of wood/coal for heating during the winter.
Since the early 1990’s LSM has shipped containers full of food items to benefit children in government orphanages/schools and poor families in rural areas throughout Moldova.  LSM Food projects provide immediate food goods to victims of natural disasters (floods, drought) through the Emergency Relief Project and during winter months coupled with the Coal and Wood Project, LSM also delivers bags of potatoes to government institutions for children and handicapped adults as part of the Potatoes Project.


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