Humanitarian Help for 2 families – 2018

Dear brothers, sisters, and sponsors, winter comes with lower temperatures, freezing the hope for so many lonely and sorrowful souls, yet the Lord, who is the father of the orphans and the widow’s defender, has poured so much light and warmth into their hearts and their homes through your contributions, providing them with tremendous humanitarian assistance. By the grace of God, and your on-going support, the cold and poor homes of widows and socially vulnerable families.

Maria is a mother to five children, whose husband abandoned her and went abroad, she raised her children alone. In December, she also had the expenses and trials of an abdominal operation. Poverty and cold caused her to cut the only apple tree they had for firewood.
Marina’s husband also abandoned her and she was left to raise her four children, alone. The oldest boy suffers from epilepsy, since childhood. Her mother has been paralyzed for 11 years and has lost her voice; she’s trying to say a few words.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and pray that our good Lord will bless and reward you!