First FOACP Distribution of 2014

89_464_IMG_9703rezThis year the Face of a Child Project distribution began with the village of Suhat. It was a beautiful, warm day outside. Together with the volunteers from Boston, MA, LSM staff head to Suhat to deliver the FOACP gifts. The school principal was telling us that on that day they couldn’t concentrate in class and kept looking out the window, waiting for the Little Samaritan team and their long awaited “Face of a Child” gift bags.
When we finally arrived and got out the car, a little girl came and hugged us and said that she was waiting for a whole year to see us. The volunteer team had a puppet play prepared, called The Heavenly Express, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it.

We distributed 82 packs and still had to give out 4 extra ones for the kids who didn’t have their picture taken last year.
It was a truly amazing day to see the children’s joy and the gratitude of the parents and teachers knowing that the children are now equipped for the school year.

Teacher at the kindergarten in Suhat
“As a teacher it was difficult to work with these children at first because most are from impoverished families and they lack basic necessities. Their parents couldn’t afford school supplies and some of the children didn’t have shoes and clothes to attend school. It was difficult for me to organize activities with them since they didn’t have basic items. This was until 8 years ago, when the Little Samaritan Mission introduced the Face of a Child Project in our village bringing the children everything they needed: school supplies, clothes, shoes, hygiene items. Moreover, they displayed love for these childrenand proved that God also loves them. Since the Face of a Child Project in our village, attendance is high in school. Parents are very thankful for the great help provided by LSM. A big Thank You to the Little Samaritan Mission for the care they have for our children.”

Eleonora is a single mother of 5. Her husband died during an accident and she has to raise alone her two boys- Victor and Andrei and three girls- Marina, Ana and Elena, who is only 4 years old. It is very hard for her to provide for the children as the government assistance she receives cannot cover the basic expenses and their only source of income is the piece of land next to the house. It is a daily struggle for them, but ever since LSM provided assistance through the Face of a Child Project, says Eleonora, her life has improved so much. Now she can send the children to school feeling at ease, because they have school supplies, clothes, shoes, hygiene items and even a warm blanket for the little one. On behalf of all her children, she thanks all the participants of this project and made it possible for her children to receive these much needed items. As a loving mother, she said she wants her children to have a successful future and the Little Samaritan is definitely contributing to that.

Ionut is 9 years old and stays with his disabled father in an old house. The only source of income for them is the disability pension, that’s why whenever staff from the Little Samaritan Mission comes to visit, those are the happiest moments of the entire year for Ionut. “Last year they took a picture of me for the Face of a Child Project and I cannot believe that I am finally holding this present in my arms! Look at all of the nice gifts I got: school supplies, socks, clothing, shoes, toothpaste! This is so much help for me and my dad, because he cannot afford any of these. Thank you, Little Samaritan for not forgetting about me.”
89_461_IMG_9696Cristina, 8 years old and her 6 year old brother are in their grandmother ‘s care. Their parents left to find work abroad as soon as they divorced and haven’t visited them for the last two years. Their grandmother is struggling to cover the food expenses from the meager pension she receives from the government, not to mention any school supplies or clothing items they need for school. “The school year has started and I was so stressed over the fact that I didn’t have the money to get everything they needed for school. Today is a holiday for me and my grandchildren. The Little Samaritan Mission has fulfilled our needs, something we’ve been waiting for the whole year. Through you, God shows His love and care for us. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for the Face of a Child Project and thank you to the people with generous hearts who made these beautiful gifts for our children.”

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