The Face of a Child project has brought together more volunteers for LSM than any other project. Men, women, youth, and even children of all ages have volunteered for LSM either by presenting Face of a Child Project to their church and being responsible for keeping track of who took what pictures, collecting all the packages and delivering them to LSM, working at the warehouse packing and sorting Face of a Child Packages, loading containers, or even going to Moldova to help distribute. The dedication they have given to this project and to LSM is immeasurable. Below is feedback from volunteers who have gone on FOACP distribution trips to Moldova with LSM.

“The trip was great! I had know idea that it would impact my life so much and that I would be so blessed. We have been back almost a week now and I just can’t get it off my mind. I am determined to try to get more interest in the church and in the community because these children need our help and we can make a difference in their lives. I enjoyed seeing the children the most and being able to hug them, and just being able to let them know that they are loved. I have heard about how the conditions are that these kids live in, but I really didn’t understand until I was able to see for myself and it broke my heart. I would just like to thank LSM for what you are doing. It is a great thing! The most memorable moment was getting to meet Beti. She was the little girl whose picture had been hanging on my refrigerator for so long. I think I was just as happy to see her as she was me. It definitely makes it personal when you actually get to give the FOACP gift to the child you made it for. It makes me want to help that much more because I don’t want that precious little girl to go without something she
needs. I enjoyed everything about the trip but getting to meet Beti was definitely the high light. I am very honored to have 47_FOACP_VOLUNTEERS_Pic5been a part of this. Just to see the joy that these gifts brought the kids was amazing. I have been part of putting the FOACP gifts together for a couple of years now, but actually getting to give them out gave the Face Of A Child project a whole new meaning to me. I want to continue to be a part of this and to do all I can to help these kids.” [Chad, North Carolina]

“This was my fourth time participating in the FOACP distribution with Little Samaritan Mission; this was the third year that I was part of leading a team over from my church, GracePoint Community Church in Andover Massachusetts. I have been asked on many occasions why this project is so important. Can you imagine not having the basic necessities to get through the day-soap to clean yourself, toothpaste, and even sneakers that fit? The children living in the orphanages of Moldova are living this life. I remember one child literally becoming ecstatic because she received toothpaste. She said “I finally can clean my teeth!”  But most importantly, by delivering these gifts we are given the opportunity to let each child and family member know that these gifts do not ultimately come from us-they come from our Heavenly Father.  Isaiah 58:10 says” Feed the poor and hungry. Then your light will shine out from the darkness”. Each backpack was a chance to tell the children about the love of Jesus, the greatest gift that they could ever receive!” [Colleen, Massachusetts]

“It was a life changing trip. It was a blessing being a part of something that makes such a difference in children’s lives.” [Johnathan, North Carolina]

“The Face of a Child Project never ceases to amaze me. God used the project several years ago to prompt my wife and I to adopt a child. We found our little girl in the orphanage at Zhytomyr, Ukraine. We were in Ukraine for just under a month. As we left Eastern Europe with our new daughter, I made the statement “I don’t care if I never see this part of the world again.” SONY DSC
God was quick to convict me with my own words. It was like God said, “Why do you think I brought you here and showed you the things I have shown you?” I knew right then that God was not going to let me just walk away from what I had seen in the orphanages in Ukraine. When I got back to the U.S., I connected with LSM and I have been working with them ever since. After doing the Face of a Child Project for years and going to distribution many times, I left for the 2009 distribution with the attitude “I have pretty much seen it all.” But I must say that God used the children to plow my heart up once again! As we went from classroom to classroom to visit with the kids, a young lady named Marina, an orphan, said she wanted me to send a message back to the person who made the Face of a Child gift for her. She thanked the family for sending her package, and then said how she longed for LSM to come each year because that was like ‘my family is coming to visit.’ Another girl told me through the translator, ‘this is just like having a family that LOVES you.’ I will NEVER forget hearing those words. I left that orphanage with a renewed passion for what we can do through LSM and the Face of a Child Project.” [Tony]


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