Distribution at Coada Iazului


Coada Iazului (Village is situated approximately 130 km to the north from Chisinau.)

This medium size village has approximately 86 children, and it is located in a beautiful place right on the lakeshore.
Today was a celebration for all the children in the village, both big and small, or rather, as Mrs. Elizaveta said: “It was as if our village bloomed for the second time in autumn this year.”
After the children had received their Face of a Child gifts, each went to their classes, but as it turned out, it was impossible to continue lessons. Given the fact that Ms. Ludmila from the district education department was also present at the distribution, she was asked by the director to dismiss classes as the kids were too agitated and full of joy because of the received gifts. She suggested that at least two lessons should be carried out before the children could go home. But during the first lesson the children took everything out of the packages, they put things on their desks and because the space on the desks was not enough they would lay them on the floor. They examined all items in their Face of a Child bags; they dressed up and tried on their shoes. We let them enjoy their gifts for an entire hour hoping that they would resume their studies starting with the following lesson, but that didn’t work out too well because they couldn’t stop looking at the items in the bags.  They had waited an entire year for this day, so their lessons for the day would have to wait until tomorrow. “I’ve been working as a teacher for 50 years in this school, but I’ve never seen such a joy caused by such a charitable act. You just had to see the happy faces of the children and the care with which they took each item in their hands and examined it happily” – said Mrs. Elizaveta.


When he was asked what was in his Face of a Child gift, the first response was “super sneakers “. He was as excited as a 5 year old, although he i 16.
“On the following days of Saturday and Sunday all the children wore their new clothes and shoes showing to all the villagers what they had received.”
Mrs. Elizaveta says she likes the Face of a Child Project by LSM. “I liked the way Mr Florin P.B.- the president of the LSM would come  closer and bend over to the little ones offering them their gifts, and I saw so much happiness in his eyes that only a person who deeply loves children can have” – Mrs. Elizaveta added.

Nicholas, 6 years old, Leonardo, 7 years old and Gabriela, 8 years old.

These children are in their first year at school. The school authorities kept trying for two years to bring them to school, but their parents did not let them go because they could not afford the clothes and shoes for children. On that day the timely gifts brought a change in their lives.

Peter, 16 years old. “In my Face of a Child gift, I received two sweatsuits and T-shirts. I offered my father a sweatsuit and a T-shirt since he is very ill and was in need of clothing especially with winter approaching.”

Elena, 8 years old, Mariana, 11 years old and John-14 years old.
They live with their mother 3 km away from the village and they attend the village school daily. They greatly rejoiced because of the gifts, the clothes and shoes they received, because theirs were old and worn out already.

We thank those who have initiated this project the FOAC, those who donated, collected and sent these gifts. May you have a wonderful holiday season, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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